Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Select Your Path

An excerpt from The Mind: Its Projections and Multiple Facets  by Yogi Bhajan (page 91)

Many people believe that the spiritual path is difficult and the neurotic path is easy. Students profess it and even some teachers encourage this idea. I have never agreed to it nor am I willing to agree to it now. It takes the same effort and energy to walk either path. The difficulty lies in the nature of the mind and how it grasps things and becomes entranced by feelings and sensations. The problem lies in being subject to time rather than being one step ahead of time.

We often fight the wrong battle. We do not identify the real problem. The problem is not the spiritual path. It is the way we react to immediate feelings rather than to the things that will be with us through time and beyond time. We make sense of our soul, remote or close, according to how we handle our mind. Direct the mind with immediate sensations and convoluted negotiations, and we create neurosis and confusion. Direct it with the power of an Infinite word, words of truth, and we will excel with clarity, kindness, and love. 

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